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I just recently found out about this game (watching YouTube videos) and I have to say....

FINALLY!!! ...a game without zombies and monsters! There are so many things that I like about this game (even in it's alpha stage) - I love how we can choose male or female (I'm female, and needless to say, - I choose the female player). I love the graphics, the music and the challenge. So far, I managed to reach 9 and a half days - I know, it's pitiful - lols. I only bought the game (through steam) 2 days ago (can't stop playing it).

I think a lot of women will like this game. I'm looking forward to see where this game goes. Hopefully, it will stay popular for many years - with many add-ons.

Great job! to the creators! :D

Beth - from the U.S.

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awe....thank you!....thank you so much robdoar.

Had to share this....

I'm from a very large family (and married into one also). I showed them this game....and they all love it. I tried to get them interested in Sims ( a game that I love and will always love) ...to no avail - but this game? - they LOVE it!

Thought you might like that.

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