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Since the last update to now, it exits in the actual HUD an icon to indicate the type of the objet we want to pick up from the environment. I said it from the beginning of this. I prefer it was like before, with nothing.

Or at least, if you really want to help who don't know anything about surviving, please, make it as an option.

I want to search and guess the utilities of each object. This is a part of surviving to ask : ''For what and how I could use this object ?" (for example concerning the old man's beard : fire ? bandage ?). I remember my first games and it was really interesting for me to be obliged to ask myself this question for each new item I discovered.

I don't want that the game tell me everything.


Is it different in the new HUD ?


I would like Hinterland considering this and explain why they've chosen this easiness HUD or why they can't make it as an option.



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