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  1. T.V


    It could look like that one from concept art. It could be just a normal chlothing , and there will be a craftable version from le'ts say - moose hide
  2. T.V

    Starting gear kits

    And different paperdolls in Survivor Mod! ^^
  3. I think that things like sleeping/harvesting/etc could be made as you said, by "Request" button. About cooking, hinterland said that they plan to make real-time cooking in future. I don't see co-op as a something that is going to happen, but IF, I'm gonna play.
  4. 1.Every outside container ( yup I also mean corpses by that ) 2.Roofs of cars 3.Fishing cabins 4.Trunks
  5. Actually, I prefer the beta look of all these things. Scarf as a separate part of clothing, goggles, The standing position of our bearded pal just looks better tbh.
  6. I can't see using any weapon ( maybe except rocks ) with mittens. But at least they could add Will's Jacket model in story mode 'cos it's even in cutscenes.
  7. 1. My name is Morpheus 2. I hugged a girl today twice ^^ ( I really really really like her ) 3. Me and my class accidentally broke a bus today 4. I can't keep my money in wallet 5. I look like a girl ( kind of ) 6. I lie really often 7. In TLD I died because I forgot to dress up. Three times. 8. When I can't fix something, I cry and hope that it is going to fix 9. I am eating a dinner at the moment 10. I am allergic to wasps
  8. You can find the list near the broken bus. Actually, found it out when I saw a "KOWALSKI, M." on the list, remembering that it's name of one of the devs ( I remembered it because he has Polish last name, and I'm from Poland )
  9. Thank you for finding out about the others. Now we can say that in future, devs are going to do something horrible and are going to jail.
  10. Actually, the names of prisoners are names of devs. WHITE, S. - Skylar White - Testing Lead IRVINE, K. - no information KANG, D. - no information KELLEY, P. - Paul Kelley - Character Artist HARRIS, S. - Simon Harris - Enviro Artist MATHIS, D. - actual in-game character GABAS, E. - Eric Gabas - Environment Lead NG, R. - no information LECLERC, Y. - no information KOWALSKI, M. - Maciej Kowalski - Technical Artist BAKER, J. - Joel Baker - Programmer DESCUBES, V. - Vincent Descubes - Programmer What do you think about it?
  11. T.V

    Craftable Hat

    There will probably be moose hat with antlers
  12. T.V


    Yeah. I mean, there's a lot of games where you can have your own pet. Dogs will make a game less 'special'. Someone said that we will need to feed our doggo. Also the condition, and other things. Look, you will need to feed your animal. At some runs, I can't even have enough food for myself. That will make a game just more like if you want to have 100< run most people will have the dog, which isn't a necessary. But the only animal that I think could be in Survivor mode is a bird that will help you finding seeds to make your own garden. Or Capybara. Everyone loves Capybara.
  13. What do I mean? I mean that you should get more warmth bonus when having balaclava and cotton cap than while having two woolen toques. I think that every body region should his own rules. BTW I know why hinterland has trouble with clothing changing the first person. It because you have Single-ply gloves that should make you unable to use a rifle.