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 I am still very much enjoying my 300-day game and have earned a number of 'Feats' in the game. What surprised me was the inability to activate them within my current game.

 Perhaps I am missing something and they are indeed activated - I admit that I haven't paid enough attention to, for example, how many calories sprinting requires without the 'snow runner' feat activated - but there is no visual indication that they are active in the lower left corner (where the 'feat' icons are visible when activated in a new sandbox).

 Just a mention, but I think it would be a nice reward in an ongoing run to receive the benefits that feats offer immediately.

 Thanks as always for you time.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Carbon. You are correct: feats are applied when starting a new Sandbox; they don't impact any Sandbox games started before they were earned. Other than by increasing a Survivor's skill, there aren't any ways for the player to raise or lower the difficulty of a game in progress.

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