Bright Daylight At Night


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Greetings, Hinterland!

I arrived to Signal Tower as night was approaching during a recent session. While I was inspecting some items on the metal shelf in the bunk bed room, the level of light instantaneously changed from very dark to very bright. I noticed that the change happened the very instant I decided against taking one of the items on the bottom row of the shelf next to the toaster. In case it matters, I think it was either a can opener or a jar of peanut butter. The included screenshot will show you what I mean. I was able to walk around and freely look at all the items that were shrouded in darkness just moments ago, but I instead wanted to go outside just in case the sun really was up at the beginning of nighttime!

It was a normal level of dark outside, and reentering the building returned the interior to the illumination it should have been at night. Sorry to spring this on you- as if you guys don't already have enough pressure to deal with! Let me know if you need more specific information, and I will try to be as helpful as I can.



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