Played the long dark just recently

A very cold cow

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New to the forums here but I picked up the long dark a bit ago, and since some recent changes it's really enjoyable.

I'm more asking if this has been a contemplated feature rather requesting, but has Hinterland any plans for making coop or multiplayer for this game?

I was playing it and enjoying myself, surviving and fishing on my first few days, the game is basically a sandbox of Minecraft in real life. Not that the games are similar gameplaywise, but that both really leave what you want to do up to you. But when I was just exploring by myself, I thought how nice it would be if a friend could explore with me.


It can potentially get bland with one person but I think the game has some serious potential if Hinterland is ever considering this.

I remember there used to be a news/updates section but I can't really find that anymore. 

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I would say that not having any co op is very intentional, as the whole premise of the game is not having anyone around for help. I've had moments where I've felt I'd love to have a friend around to share adventures with.... but then, that just immersed me even further into the core of the game when I realized I was actually feeling lonely and isolated ... in a game, lol.

As for multiplayer ....Limited resources, guns, and other players ..... it would become just another PvP survival game like all the others out there.

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