TWM - Stuck in a glitch, please help.


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I'm currently playing the Nomad challenge (91 days in) and really enjoying the game so far. I'm almost done with this challenge, only 2 days left in the mountaneer hut to complete it. 

Since it's my first time in this Area, I decided to start exploring the mountain a bit. While trying to escape from a bear, I stumbled upon a weird looking glitc, like the rock texture from the mountain was transparent depending from where you look at it. I went closer and walked on it and since then I'm permanently stuck there :(

I made the mistake of placing my sleeping mat a little further hoping that I would wake up next to the mat and get out of there, but of course it saved and now I'm stuck and can't go back to a previous save.

I can move the mouse and look in any direction, but I can't move even 1cm... completely stuck.

Here's a screenshot of the location:



I would really appreciate any help, is it possible to get out of there or rollback to a previous save? I would really hate loosing all my progress on this challenge :(




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Yikes, not good. :(   This is at the rope attachment point that's between the Mountaineer's Hut from the closest loading-screen cave, right?  I've been slightly stuck here a couple times, but not so deep as you appear to be.  I think I backtracked toward the rope (or where it would be if installed) and got out both times.

The only thing I can suggest is to trying crouching, and then see if you can find a way to wiggle out while crouched.   I've been stuck a few times elsewhere in the world and usually was able to wriggle out, especially crouched.  Just have to be super patient and try every direction.  Paging @Support so they can help you get this logged as a bug.

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hmm not sure, I don't have the rope yet on the climb that's across the lake from the hut. So I tried going up the mountain left from there instead, walking along the frozen river. I then stumbled upon a bear so ran up on the right (trying to find that rope attachement). I think I was going to a dead end anyways, but I'm really stuck in the glitch now. It's not the usual getting stuck thing, where I fall into a hole or something, I really can't move at all, I tried crouching and going in every direction, but does'nt work.

I'll try starting another party and finding that spot to take more screenshots.

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Alright, I found the place again on a new game.

I made 2 videos so we can see the glitch better. 

The location is found when following the frozen river from Crystal lake. When you arrive at the end, there is a rope, the glitch is when you go right of there.

More details on this bug, so I realized I was actually going "inside" a rock, and this is where you get stuck.

So by doing those tests, I could get stuck in the same spot almost, but by moving around a lot I could sometimes get out. So I finally tried once more on my main save, and after moving in every direction for a few minutes (turning the joystick in circle motions) it would sometimes move by 1cm, and eventually I got out :)

I'm glad I'll be able to finish this challenge, anyways here are the videos so maybe this can be fixed.

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