You did this to me. All of you.


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Hey there! I'm acheronrose. 24, spend way too much time playing games for my own good. I play fast and loose with my steam purchases, and that's one reason I will never have money. Or friends, really.

I've been debating on Steam's early access games for a while. I like the idea, but I have trouble justifying to myself that it's the right thing for me. Still, I was being tempted. I don't play much in the survival genre (yet) but a few different games, all in early access, were catching my interest. I was debating between DayZ and the Forest, with the Forest sort of having the edge. I've spent 2 months now sort of admiring the early access games from afar. I've got a lot of projects on my hands and the last thing I needed was a game distracting me from my work. I was using it as a reward to hold over myself. Do all my things and I can buy The Forest.

And then, I was getting Goat Simulator because it was on sale, and while that was in my cart I decided to just look and see if there were any other sales I could get. I browsed for a bit, the sale ending for the goat game ending in a few minutes. Then I saw it: The Long Dark. Another early access survival game just a bit above my impulse buy spending limit. Wait? No zombies? Oh wow, those are screenshots? Oh my god, it's freaking gorgeous. I loved the style, and I needed to see it for myself. It being EARLY early access turned my off a bit, but the graphics grabbed at me, because they were just so different and lovely, and it just made me feel like this game was truly a unique one, and a treasure I needed to buy.

This was Monday morning. I sit here now, 50 hours later, with 11 of them having been put into the game. My projects have no progress. My only work done, a rudimentary map I started in my sketchbook. I've died 7 times. Now I'm here./ I have a problem. You all did this to me.

Keep up the great work!


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