Craftable/Movable Furniture, More Weapons, food preservation & 2nd floor of Electrodam


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Normally, everyone chops up all the furniture in a house for scraps early on, but on day 160 of sandbox I have found that I really wish I had more storage space in my base. I would love to chop up one of my couches and put a chest there, or a shelf even. While most people might overlook this mechanic, I think that it'd be very nice. 

I would love to see a few new weapons added, of varying qualities. For instance, perhaps two types of handguns and one different rifle. I think this would help with immersion since I'd likely find two guns of the same caliber. Alternatively, a few types of one caliber of rifle. For instance, Old .303 design (normal spawn rate), modern .303 (quite rare, but more accurate + scope), Advanced .303 rifle (very nice stats, but only found in bunkers). 

Some kind of food preservation mechanic would be nice. It would take a long time to smoke food, but would be worth it in the event you get stuck inside due to a blizzard. Alternatively, a bear hang (where you put food in a bag and sling it over a high branch so bears can't get to it) would also be nifty. Since its so cold out, meat would freeze and be safe to eat, freezer burned or not.

And what is up with the 2nd floor of the electrodam? Where is it? I can see that there are 2nd floor windows, but it doesn't exist. I would love to see what is up there in the next update. :)


That's all that I can think of right now. I love the game's progress so far, and I can't wait for episode one!

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Like all your ideas, especially the one about crafting storage spaces. I personally don't feel that adding the ability to craft something as complex as a chest would be very fitting to the games survival style (freezing to death but just let me finish these hinges) (it's more of a Fallout 4 style build). However, I feel that the ability to create supply caches is a a good idea. I personally think that hanging them off a tree could be hard to program, especially as every tree is unique and it could impare any future developments with regards to tree physics such as them braking in a storm being able to be chopped down. I think it would be better to add a way to create buried supply caches which could be marked on a craftable map (if my idea is ever added)

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