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I'm at day 22 of my current game. Explored the entire map.

I have the following:

- 1 Rifle

- 1 Knife

- 2 Hatchets

- 8 or 9 Can Openers

- 4 Storm Lanterns

- 4 Prybars

All of these items except the Prybars are still usefull. The rifle for hunting (until I run out of ammo), The knife for gutting, the hatchets for wood & gutting, the can openers for food & scrap metal, the laterns for light and scrap metal. The prybars are useless.

I would like to see prybars have uses after you've opened the lockers. I think we should be able to use them for foraging wood (should be at least as useful as a hatchet for reclaimed wood). I would also like to be able to equip the prybar as a melee weapon against wolves (have to better than my fists), or panicked deer running by. I would even think that with a prybar in certain locations you might be able to forage scrap metal.

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