TOTALLY STUCK - Bottom of Ravine - BAD DESIGN! - V.375


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I have a Sandbox game with 34 days of survival. I have the Wolf Jacket, the Deer Pants and the Deer Boots.

Now my game is COMPLETELY halted, if not RUINED by what seems to be a tragic oversight in map design.

I used the mountaineering rope to climb to the bottom of the Ravine. I went to the left to go check out the bottom of the waterfall. I went all the way to the base of the waterfall. When I turned around to leave, I'm now stuck a bunch of rocks that CANNOT be overcome.


Let me be clear. If there was simply a JUMP option... this would not be a problem. THAT'S HOW RIDICULOUS THIS IS! :o:o:(:crying:


See screenshot for exact location. Please help!!!!


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Here's another screen shot for reference.


The rocks in the center of the screen cannot be climbed over. I placed my bedroll there to try and get out by sleeping, but when I wake up, it puts my right back in the stuck position.


While trying to get out, I got a sprained ankle and the game saved!!!!!! This is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

screen_(-765, 20, -170)_ff79f716-de7e-4d95-8deb-39d99d9b4df5.jpg

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I read in another similar thread that you can fly out if you install some sort of trainer. I don't know if that counts as cheating or if there even is an anti-cheat mechanic... But it seems to be the only way. When it happened to me(can't remember where it was) I just INSTANTLY ended the TLD process in task manager in panic so the game wouldn't save for whatever reason. I lost lots of loot because of that but at least I could continue playing that save.

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That sucks... :/


You gotta remember that we are all playing an alpha and this is unfortunately one of the things that happens.


Report the bug/problem and they may fix it up in the next rollout.  If you are lucky, you will be able to escape post update if the map changes and you stay above the world.


For the time being, starting a new game is all you can do.  :/


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