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I am unsure whether to report this as a bug because:

- it seems to be very rare
- I did not check the state of the bedroll immediately before the event
- and when I thought of it happening to someone else I burst out laughing.

So I have had bedrolls ruined in wolf struggles in Stalker but never in Interloper. Anyway I was staying in Waterfall Cave near Eric's Falls when I decided to kill the wolf prowling nearby. If certain provisos are met, which seems to be about 80% of the time, I let the wolf charge and put an arrow into it's head at the last second. I have got pretty good at this but this time I missed and in the ensuing struggle it appears my bedroll was ruined.

The funny part was that the bedroll was laid out in the cave at the time. And I did not discover it's condition until I returned.

It had been repaired back to 100% several days previously but conceivably some other event could have affected it's condition in the meantime.

After the struggle I experienced the slow movement speed that has been reported here :Slow movement speed after wolf attack while stretching a bow .

I only saw this thread afterwards and did not know that drawing the bow again fixes the problem. Up till then I would just reload the game and play from just after the wolf struggle. Possibly this had something to do with the ruination of my bedroll.

Anyway, as I have said, I am unsure if this is actually a bug but just in case, there it is.

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It's happened twice now. Different games. The first time I'd had probably had it for 90 days, the second time for maybe 20 days max. I'm positive that the second time it had not decayed and also this time there was no struggle - the wolf was shot with an arrow cleanly in the head as it charged. Again the bedroll was in a cave some distance away. Both times the bedroll was unrolled.

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