Skill book for medicine !!

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Sounds more like a wilderness medicine book to me ;)

The thing is, a medicine skill would probably be hard to implement. All the other skills, I am fine with being bad at at the beginning of the game. If every early-game  injury results in infection, for example, that'd take a lot of fun out of the game. Also, there isn't much complexity to treating a wound (medical experts will probably disagree with that, but hear me out): Clean the wound, stop the bleeding, apply bandage, let it heal. Sure, there are lots of things you can do wrong there - forgetting a step, doing steps in the wrong order etc. - but in a permanent survival situation you only make those mistakes once before you fade into the Long Dark.

So, the thing is, we'd need to figure out how a low medicine skill would tie into the game before skill books (although those discussions do go hand in hand). Here's a proposal:

  • Level 0: What is is now, except that tending to wounds needs more time.
  • Level 1: Exactly how it is now.
  • Level 2: Use less antisepctic per wound
  • Level 3: Get one more bandage out of a piece of cloth
  • Level 4: Use less antibiotics and painkillers
  • Level 5: You gained some understandin of basic vertebrate anatomy and thus do 5% more damage in wolf struggles since you know to go for the jugular vein (I know this is nonsense because wolf anatomy is completely different from humans, but whatever). Additionally, old man's beard bandages use one less lichen.
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