crash and data loss


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I lost all my badges earned as well as progress set back to zero.  I had earned free runner, and cold fusion, was about 50% on book smart, 78% on snow walker, 13 % on fire starter, and I dont remember the other one.  Also, all the key binding that were saved were reset to default; however the save game was still intact.  I was in CH after falling in water I entered one of the cabins at the fishing camp when the game froze.  I never entered the cabin, it froze as I went to open door.  I had to restart CPU and when I went back into the game all progress was lost for the feats, reset to zero.  That was the first time.  I reloaded the save and started heading to the cabin again, made it 3/4 the way there and crashed again. Didnt have to hard reset though.  Attached is the log from the 2nd crash.  I can attach one from 1st if needed. Not sure if there is a way to get of this progress back.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you. 

PC i7-3770 windows 10

8GB DDR3 Ram

GTX 650Ti




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Looking at the log it looks like your video card is failing to render for some reason - Do you have the latest drivers installed and do you have any other issues with other games?

Unfortunately when the crash occurred it looks like your save file was corrupted, which unfortunately is not something we can resolve as once that occurs the data is gone. 

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Thank you for looking into this.  I have not had any problem with any other games, but The long Dark is the one I play mostly.  I do have the latest driver installed.  My video card is old so maybe its time to upgrade.  Thanks for the great game and the support that you provide.  Keep up the good work.  

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