hopeless rescue map


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Trapper's - Hydro Dam - Winding River - Farmstead - Skeeter's - Rope to TWM

in TWM the shortest way is up the river to the cave (engine) - from the summit to PV just "climbing down" the cliff

from the rope in PV to cinder hills coal mine

from the mine in CH, go straight down to "Log Sort" - across the ice to crumbling highway

in DP "climb down" the cliff after leaving the mine on to the road - than half right across the ice to the lighthouse

That's the shortest way, but also the most dangerous (wolves, bears)

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jesus i did it, i sprinted from summit to the light house with 2 days left, i had to stop and sleep for an hour next to fires every so often, my water was out, my food was gone, I was at 12 percent sludging up the stairs and that was after using a stim shot that made me just barely make it on time, i had 45 mins left and my last torch was used to scare off 2 wolfs right in front of the light house. pretty awesome game 

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