Binoculars and hunting techniques


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Add binoculars. They should be as rare as firestrikers. I also think firestrrikers should have more durability.. Well but here is the thing. with the binocular you should be able to scan the landscape. like in an angle of 90 degree ahead of you. It could take maybe 20 minutes and then u can see things you wont normally can see. In that regard without a binocular you should be able to spot a bear further away than u can spot a rabbit. Rabbits could also be white cause rabbits in the winter is white. So harder to see. But bears are bigger and etc with other animals.

Then if you are lvl 2 or 3 with the riffle then after you have scanned an area you can mark an animal, takes even more time. And when an animal is marked then the riffle will get 20% extra range on the next shot on that animal. And then u can only mark one animal per day.

How about these things?



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