Blinded by the light


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I get the whole 1st person presence with the hands in view. I've been waiting for it's eventuality. Now that it's here, it looks like a good start. It's nice. Also, I realize the symbolism of it all with the torch and lantern in plain view.

Though, one does hold the light in ones own face.

Perhaps a tweak where the torch is held high? You know... like a torch. So the brightness is above your peripheral, out of your eyes and lighting the way instead of it interfering with what you're trying to see.

The same goes for the lantern. It could be held off to the side, or held  just low enough so the lid casts it shadow upward on your face.

In either case, various movements could bring the item into view momentarily now and again for the eye candy and dynamic lighting effects.

Otherwise, we know it's there without it having to be in view constantly.

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1 hour ago, Hotzn said:

I just gave rep to this post and got a message "You are not allowed to give reputation to this user". But the reputation is displayed now nevertheless. Strange.

It sometimes happens if you double click the rep button. The forums act as if you tried to give rep twice which you cannot do.

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