Steam trading cards.


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The last update was supposed to add trading cards to the game. After the v.364 Vigilant Trespass update, I asked Hinterland about it on the Steam forums:


Thanks for another great update, Hinterland! One question, though: during the test phase, there were notes that indicated that Steam cards, badges, etc. were coming in for this update. I haven't had a chance to try out the update for the main branch yet, but I didn't see anything in the main branch update announcement discussing cards. Are they part of this update as well?

We still have a few things to do with the Steam Cards. We're working on it!

That was back on September 22, so I guess it turned out to be more complicated than originally thought? Not really sure. But in any case, you can at least be happy to know that trading cards are planned for the game.

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