Cabin Fever & Strange Days Discrepency


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Voyager/Pleasant Valley/59+ Days


Hey, Team! Thanks for the Halloween event. It's fun! I'm trying to hunt down all those pies. But...

I've got the dreaded perma-Cabin Fever bug. (I'm afraid I'm part of the demographic that detests the whole CF mechanic, so: double agh! I HAVE PIES TO COLLECT!) I noticed, however, a unique feature regarding the days count, and I wonder if this has anything to do with CF's failure to reset.

On first glance in my journal, it seemed TLD was no longer counting days. The main journal screen, as you can see here, incorrectly reports "49" days.



BUT on second glance, at the stats page... the days count is correct.



No idea if this is relevant to the bug, but I know you all are working on a patch. Hope this helps!

Thanks. :geek:

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