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So, I'm having fun so far with the 4 days of night challenge! I decided to take a leaf from @Scyzara's playbook and try the event on Interloper. It is definitely very interesting. I spawned on Timberwolf Mountain and immediately had to face off a wolf while sprinting for the rope to descend to crystal lake. I luckily found the heavy hammer in the ice fishing hut so I can forge a knife if I survive long enough to make it to the Riken! After stumbling into the hut I was able to light a fire to warm up and make 7L of water. Too bad I used 6 matches trying to light a fire at 60% success rate. That's still really annoying. I found a nice Halloween treat in a bowl outside the hut though :big_smile:

As I'm making my way down to Pleasant Valley (eventual goal is Mystery Lake) I'm really liking both the event and the benefits of the event for playing Interloper. It should make for a fun weekend :winky:

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Well, in my experience the halloween event makes Interloper way easier than usually, simply because you don't have to worry about your food calories at all prior to week three or so. (Various locations contain 2500kcal chocolate bars and almost all key locations contain 2000kcal pumpkin pies). I'm currently carrying around 15.000 reserve kcal in a game I started yesterday. So if anyone has trouble to get going on Interloper due to starvation: Now is definitely the time to give it another try. :winky:

The jack-o-lanterns also save you quite some time I guess - I've only found one so far, but it contained four dried saplings and a cured wolf pelt. Oh, and the double burning duration of fires makes fishing as a calorie source even more awesome than usually (and helps to avoid cabin fever), of course. I think I'll try to move to TWM and live a fisherwoman's life there until the lake is empty. xD

Good luck and have fun, @cekivi!

PS: Don't get me wrong, if these changes were permanently I would for sure be upset by them due to the immense difficulty drop, but as all will be changed back in four days anyway I'm currently just having some fun with the event. :normal:

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