Pink/Purple Trees? 4 Days of Night


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If you're seeing Pink/Purple trees in the 4 Days of Night update please remove the -force-d3d9 option from your launch parameters. 


In Steam interface, click on "LIBRARY".
In games list, right click on "The Long Dark".
Choose "Properties"
Remove from the text box "-force-d3d9" 
Click "OK".
Click "CLOSE".

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I think it's important to warn people that this parameter is used to fix/reduce crashes which can come back if you remove it. Proceed at your own risk. I would prefer to see a specific fix to the crashing or the pink trees directly.

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I'm crashing every 15min now without this parameter in the launch options. It's either frequent crashes or pink trees. I cant decide which is worse but both are making this beloved game unplayable for me. I have an AMD r9 390, i5 2500k with 16 go RAM on win10 if that helps. Latest drivers/BIOS for all hardware (afaik).

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