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  1. Thank you for your time and help Patrick , this might sound stupid, but could you please point me out where the save files are? I know the log files are in the game folder but I am not sure about the save files. By the way that bad taste did not last long as I am playing again but just in stalker. Don't really want to touch interloper again for some time after what happened, but I can't stop playing and I dont really know why, have 303 hours logged in steam alrdy and add 40 hours more from the pirated one before I bought the game (sorry I did not have money at the time :c).
  2. I dont really think that the % shown there it's the world discovered EDIT: I mean there is one but my character condition that was 100% and location changed from nowhere.
  3. Yes, I entered the Garage, searched for supplies, melted some snow and then drank it and went to sleep so I could quit, then today when I came back to my house to play it was all changed :/. I am taking a break from the game after this XD it really hit me hard.
  4. Yes, It was a brand new game after the update. Now that I remember, a wolf was chasing me just after I entered the garage but it was not able to catch me, maybe that caused a bug?
  5. No, I did not play this run on the test branch.
  6. Hello, I have been playing an interloper game and was really happy with my progress. I went to sleep in-game so I could save it because I had to go, then I come back now and see that my condition in the save preview it's 16% and I am like "da fuck?", so I load it and I am in the coastal house (I did not sleep there. . . I slept in the Quonset Garage) I had 16% condition instead of 100%, (I slept with 100%. . .) and all my clothing was in low condition and my gloves are Ruined (and they all where with 90% or more. . .) plus it says that I have an sprained leg because of a wolf attack (WHAT?! WHY?!). Can someone please tell me how can I upload the savefile and the logs and what not so I can report this please? I am really frustrated to say the least. . .
  7. Does this only happen in TLD or do you notice some FPS drops in other games as well?
  8. Wow, that's really strange. You have a beast of a PC that can handle this game for sure, It would be good if you can put the logs here when the game crashes so a dev can see it.
  9. Yeah, I think that will happen. Just gotta wait and see I guess, I just know that anything that Hinterland decides to do I will be okay with, they managed the game in a beautiful manner.
  10. WOW man, I actually thought that was a screenshot from the game until I zoomed a little. You really captured the game in a painting, be proud of it.
  11. I don't think people will have problems understanding when they see that there is an item that says "empty bottle" and when they melt snow that bottle just fills, but I am strongly against having the bottles deteriorate with time/wolf attacks, remember its a game not a simulation. I am in for the water storage system because the current one feels lacking but let's make it as simple as possible without the ability to just smelt water until you fill your cabin floor with bottles that came out of nowhere.
  12. While I do agree with the water storage thread, I don't think that this melting system is a good idea because it would be really tedious, it would be like adding more steps to the system that we have and works quite well. I mean imagine that I am at the farmstead and wanted some water, I would have to go outside which means loading the map, collect maybe 4Kg of snow, going back in, loading time again, start a 2 hours fire (time required to melt and boil 4L in-game right now) and start melting in 8 turns if I have the small aluminium pan, and that's exactly what cooking is right now. Second, the snow carrying mechanic makes no sense since no one would want to carry snow, it would be pointless because you can just get out of your house or your cave for a sec, grab snow and start smelting it back inside. I think that adding the water storage mechanic it's a good idea but I can see people thinking it would be tedious as well. If anything, we can rejoice once modding support is added later on in the game since these kind of things may be added by talented modders, the Unity engine is flexible if I recall and I can see people doing this with ease.
  13. HEY! so this happened to me now, I was in pleasant valley and decided "what the hell, lets brawl them all" I took all my clothes of and dropped my 80% bedroll and fought the wolfs, I emerged victorious. . . BUT when I picked up my bedroll the game said "bedroll worn out". WHAT IS THIS!? does the game has something against me and the bedrolls?
  14. I did that too a long time ago but it gave me food poisoning instantly lol. I STAND CORRECTED: I can do it now with every food and drink that is ruined and indeed I can eat it and I DO NOT get punished for it (food poisoning).