If We Ever Get To Have A Dog...

Barretts Privateer

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...this is what I'd want in the game with me. (Only issue is carrying enough food for it as well.)


Caucasian Ovchartka, offically known as the Caucus Mountain Dog, aka Russian Bear Dog. Bred specifically to help shepherds defend their flocks against bears, jackals, wolves, and other predators, this large dog weighs up to 45-100 kilograms (99-220 pounds) and stands at 65-90 centimetres (26-35 inches) tall. These are considered very intelligent dogs.

Imagine a wolf trying to attack you with this thing by your side in the game ;P


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This dog would be a handful to be honest. It needs rather balanced diet(so you cant just feed it meat and everything is ok) and fairly lot of food, plus its rather strong-willed and may not take easy to new owner(and since they are highly intelligent tricking them is harder and require more time to befriend). But they are damn effective on putting down wolves.

I still prefer husky.

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