Weird Arrow Behavoir


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Yesterday, I was in the Quonset Garage and decided to drop an extra arrow on the floor to lighten my load.  I was standing over a wolf pelt, so when I looked down and didn't find my arrow at my feet, I figured it was just laying underneath the pelt.  However, when I moved the pelt over and searched the floor I found nothing.  Fortunately, I was able to quit and reload so that I still retained that arrow in my inventory.  This time, to make sure this bug was repeatable, I walked over to a clear section of the floor, dropped another arrow, and looked down at my feet: nothing, but bare floor.

TL;DR, it seems that when I drop an arrow onto the floor of the Quonset Garage, it vanishes and I cannot locate it to retrieve it.

Also, though this might be totally unrelated, when I killed a wolf with two arrows while it was stuck in the middle of it's howling pose, the arrows were not visible until I was standing over the corpse, at which point they materialized out of thin-air and were standing on end, arrowheads pointing straight up!

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