Wolf gun awareness???


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I'm not sure if this is a bug or a really stupid attempt to be trolly in programming,

but since when did wolves gain an supernatural gun awareness?

Since update every time I've gone to shoot a threatening wolf it was evaded the moment

I draw my rifle, dodged wide of my shot and attacked me. Twice I have gone to shoot the wolf

as it walks away only to had it sense my weapon and run off, again dodging the shot.

Why do I feel like every update brings more ridiculous behaviors from the wolves?

This has been going on since the first major update.

Wolves started out hunting deer and having unpredictable territorial patterns as the deer moved.

If there was a large patch of deer, you could be sure wolves were around.

Then Coastal came and wolves became obstacles to high drop areas (like the service station).

They were set to patrol loops completely ignoring deer. Unless that deer happened to catch it in

a non patrol mood. Then came the uber wolves,

Then you hit a balance again,

Now you have supernaturally gifted psychic wolves that know when a weapon is trained on them?

Can we just go back to wolves having hunting grounds and actually stalking deer and drop all

the guard wolf, patrol wolf, psychic wolves?


Holy crayons what is with you guys and these wolves?

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This game has a strong theme around the wolfs, so expect that to be the engaging element and where you will find the most changes. I have had many wolf encounters before. Some come at you straight. Others do a brief zig-zag movement, and in most cases, that was obstacle avoidance too. And this zig-zag motion is not really uncommon to wolf hunting pattern. It was to cut your flight path of and distract you long enough to stay without getting away. It literally is a wolf tactic. But hold your ground, there is 50/50 chance of hitting the wolf with your weapon at close range. If you fire your gun at a charging wolf from a distance, 50/50 chance it would bolt, otherwise its in for the kill. 

Another change I like, is when you walk around with a freshly made bear-skin roll. Then you are the fearsome to wolfs, they mostly bolt it if they smell it.

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I have noted this zig-zag behavior since I first started playing and mentioned it in the forums last spring but never really got an explanation. It really annoyed me then and still does, but I figure it's not going to be changed so I started using decoys which to me is less challenging and lame.

I know this is not a hunting sim but when hunting dangerous game, if charged, you need to remain calm, stand your ground, aim carefully and fire. This is the only way to survive in real life since you can't out run the animal. 


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