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  1. You don't rally need to. There is plenty of loot around. In fact you may find that it's better to travel light and concentrate more on maintaining the gear you have than stockpiling. It's different than the sandbox in the sense that it's less " I gotta save all my stuff to survive as long as possible" and more like your on a quest and you can always find what you need to keep going.
  2. Whats with the phone ringing? I looked all over the basement while it was ringing then I found it upstairs but you can't interact with it.
  3. Hi Patrick. I have tried to post there but for some reason after I complete filling in the information in the box and click "create" nothing happens. The Form Box stays open and the ticket never posts. I'm using Safari on a Mac.
  4. Just a small correction here but the grammar in this frame is bad even for Canadians...
  5. I think it would be cool to be able to barter with NPC's in sandbox.
  6. Ah the good ole days... I wish the exchange was this good now.
  7. There are several deer carcasses that can be harvested for food to give the old lady.
  8. I'm using a Mac and it took a Herculean effort for me to move the meter enough so that I pulled the shard from my hand. Maybe it's my mouse IDK...
  9. I haven't given up nor am I whining just pointing out how the game is working for me and asking if anybody else has had same experience.
  10. I had to mash the shit out of it using two hands just to get it this far. Finally I just kept mashing until my keyboard flew off the desk and eventually it went all the way to the end.
  11. It also feels like there is a memory leak happening. The game starts to lag after a while and gets progressively worse until I restart and it runs faster.
  12. Seems like the struggle button is deadened in story mode. While trying to remove the metal shard I all but smashed my mouse to pieces to get the bar to move at all and during a wolf attack it seems pretty much non responsive. Has anybody else experienced this?
  13. Well done Joe, good clarification....