Brand fuel+firesource intended?


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Description: If you use a brand to start a fire and you have no fuel (wood/books ...) in your inventory, you still can light the fire with the same burning brand (two in one). As soon you have leveled your firemaking skill and you don't need tinder anymore, you can make a fire only by using one burning brand.


I am not sure if that's a bug or intended. It has only a little impact because you still need a burning brand in the first place. I found out about that when i startet a few campfires with to raise my skill and to make a path for bad vision on the ice in CH (so i can't get lost in a blizzard or fog on the ice with lots of burned out campfires leading me). I started the first fire with the lens, than always took a brand to light the next fire. When all my sticks were gone, i saw that the burning stick can be used as firesource and fuel at the same time.

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