How do rabbit traps work?


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maybe this was discussed before, searching in the forum did not reveal anything relevant for me, though. I would like to know how the rabbit traps work technically. I mean: i currently do not have any issues with them, i am able to catch rabbits with them, still i would like to know how the game-mechanics work: is it totally random if a rabbit is trapped (assumed that my traps are in an area where rabbits are), could i be in theory watching a rabbit beeing caught? Are there better/worse positions to place traps (assumed there are rabbits at all)?

thanks ...

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The rabbits you see hopping around will never get trapped.

I believe traps trigger based on the order you dropped them, but it could be another factor.  When they trigger they either generate a dead rabbit or they break.  Once a maximum number of dead rabbits for the area in which they are placed is caught, no further traps will trigger until the next trapping period begins.

Trapping periods seem to run around 12 hours.  Not being present on a map (usually because you are indoors) will not allow any traps on that map to get tested, thus they will skip all trapping periods while you are on another map.  If when you enter a map enough time has passed to begin a new trapping period, all trapping areas on that map will immediately trap.  So even if you have been gone for two months, the rabbits you find when you return will be freshly trapped/not frozen.

Each area is unique.  Successfully catching rabbits in an individual area over successive periods will lower the maximum number of rabbit that will be caught each period.  Continued trapping may reduce the maximum to zero.  This reduction takes only a few periods of not trapping to clear.

While you will never see a rabbit being caught, it is possible to witness a trap suddenly transforming into a dead rabbit and sprung trap if you happen to be present when the next trapping period begins.  Patterns of traps are not relevant except that the boundaries of each trapping area are invisible and a good spread of traps will ensure at least some end up inside it.  Traps set on top of other traps or on top of dead rabbits work just as well as traps in pristine snow, but selecting from the stacked items to find what you are interested in can become difficult.  Moving a little each time you reset is wise.

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