Game crashed and did not award steam acheivements


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upon entering the cabin office at mystery lake, I went to go into the skills page of my journal.  I first noticed all of the F's and L's were missing in the descriptions of the skills but not the titles. I then opened up my inventory and some the the images were glitched.  repeated the process and different images were glitched.  I ate some mouldy dear meat and drank some water, slept on the bedroll, then went to open the filing cabinet and more images and the title bar were glitched. The game then crashed. upon restarting.  It put me back to when i first entered the office before I slept.  I then went to check  and I realized i was not awarded the 50 day survivor achievement nor the silent hunter achievement. (which the only reason is that I have not found a rifle yet in this sandbox session yet...)  unfortunately  I didn't take screenshots before this all happened...   I play on a Mac,  haven't crashed before or after this incident, though just started playing again the other day... let me know if there is anything else i can provide.  




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