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It would be nice if the sandbox had a "softcore" option that let you reload from your latest save. This mode would have all feats, achievements and leaderboards disabled.

The reason is simple: even though the game is about survival, sometimes one wants to just focus on exploring the map without worrying too much about bears or wolves.

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On 5.10.2016 at 4:47 AM, nicko said:

Pilgrim does similar, the wolfs and bears will not attack you unless of course you provoke them.Also you can load from you last save, as long as your didn't die.

What he said :)

Although, I feel that playing pilgrim is like cheating not that I am too good (Still struggling to survive more than 10 days in interloper)  But the game is designed this way. If there is no hostile factor then you are missing the fun of exploring. But if you are struggling with a map then you should definitely explore it in pilgrim just to make your future plays little bit easier. However it is a major spoiler, dying is a part of the story in TLD and you should not feel that you did something wrong just go with it :)

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