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At very first, sorry for my very wobbly english, I'll try to make efforts :)

I live in France (that could explain the previous line), near Paris, 55 years old, gamer since a very long time (1991) and passionated by RPG essentially. I turned around TLD since few monthes, in fact, since I've tried this game by a friend at the beginning of this year (junuary / february...I don't remember exactly) for 3 or 4 hours. Impressed I was as said Yoda.

The potential of TLD is just incredible, endless. Gameplay, graphical quality, stories, maps, possibilities..... endless.

By my Steam account, I've bought TLD one week ago, seductued by this vision of a survivalist simulation.and like I said, all the potential. For first steps, I try to understand all the subtilities and the mechanism and my character try to survive, for instance 23 days in Pilgrim mode. A lot of things are "really" different from real life but I've notice that the game is still in alpha version after 2 years, (0.365), a lot of things could be implemented and improved. But the essential is here, the basic needs, food, water and heat. After that, some interresting (but very hard) options like hunting, fishing, etc.

To conclude, I can say that TLD could be a very great simulator, perhaps a (The) reference. Well done Hinterland, for an alpha, we have a nice game, just waiting for the stories :)

see you soon

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Bienvenue, nouveau camarade ^_^ Take a cup of coffee and sit down next to us, we have a fire going ;) :fire_striker:

It's really interesting to have 'older' (please forgive me for using that term) people on here, and I'm stoked to read about things form your perspective in the future.

So, do you have a favorite map already? Do you prefer hunting or fishing?

Stoked to see your future posts!

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welcome to the forums! it's always awesome to see new people around here! :D and youre definitely right about things being implemented and improved within the game, feel free to post any ideas you have to the alpha wishlist for further discussion :)

look forward to seeing more from you around here, and i thoroughly hope you enjoy your stay with us friend! ;)

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Thanks for your warm welcome :)

To answer to Wastelander, for instance, I only know Mystery Lake, Pleasant Valley and Coastal Highway but my "favorite" map is certainly Pleasant Valley, I don't know why exactly, perhaps this place evoke something as "familiar" for me... I don't know. But for sure, this map is really large (perhaps the largest) with a lot POI, caches, shelters, farms, houses, etc... and we can spend some long hours to search and dig for stuff. I've made my base in the biggest farm in this map, the one with a tall silo.
This map is so large that any trek quickly become a real expedition wich need to be well prepared, A challenge itself.

See you soon lonely (and frozen) wanderers :)

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