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3 part suggestion.


Part 1: Pockets

Pants have pockets. Jeans 2. Cargos 4 etc (simplified). An item in a pocket had its weight negated. Only small items can go in a pocket (matches, food, bullets etc) or under X weight.

Part 2: Hotkeys

Items in a pocket are useble are hotkey'd. Perfect for putting the next piece of meat your going to eat. Otherwise use it for some bullets you ALWAYS carry and just want out of the main inven screen.

Part 3: Drop all key

For when everything goes wrong and you just need to drop your bag and leg it. Stuff in pockets isn't dropped since its weight isn't counted.


You could combine this with the backpack being a 'thing' that you could drop (would look similar, but notiably different to the current searchable ones). Probably give this to the player when the game starts (it was in the proverbial planecrash), but you could 'lose' it and be reduced to pockets until you went back and got it.

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Hey! Welcome to the Forums!

The whole, physical backpack feature has been thrown around. I like the idea of dropping a bag, especially if you're being chased by a bear or wolf! I also think pockets would be a good thing as well if they implemented the physical bags too!

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I was also thinking about the idea of dropping all items, because, you know, ever ounce of speed is essential when a bear is trying to eat your feet.

A physical pack would also solve the problem of movable containers, you could have multiple packs. Sometimes the limitations imposed on games is kinda strange, like the infamous inability to jump in so many games. Or, the inability to pick up a backpack floating in mid air because you harvested the chesterfield.

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+1 from me.

Droppable backpacks and pockets were brought up once in a pretty well discussed thread, but I do admit that back then I didn't see the appeal and I was pretty harsh with my thoughts, but since then I had a lot of time to rethink and find the proper use of the system so by now I'd be really interested to see the game expanded with these ideas. :)

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