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I know that this topic is discussed many times, so I would concentrate mostly on the game-play mechanic. First you'll need to get your fire starting skill up to LVL 2 which will unlock this:

New item  Campfire starting kit in order to build this you'll need:

2 birch barks (They are full of resin)

10 Tinder ( for the blowing step )

5 Kindling (made from cedar wood )  you need a hatchet to chop 1 cedar wood  to 10 kindling. saw can't be used.

If you have these items you could craft  campfire starting kit which will be alternative way of starting fire. Along with the first person animations it should look something like this:



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1 hour ago, Wastelander said:

So, gameplay-wise that'd be sacrificing weight and speed for a better chance at firestarting? I think I can dig that.

Yes because once you successfully start a fire this way the campfire kit is gone, you have to build another or have another one ready. The weight of 1 campfire kit should be about .5 KGs 1.1 pounds. maybe more someone care to calculate the sum of the materials ? :)


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