A bigger mountain to climb figuratively and literally


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I just just finished the Timberwolf to the Lighthouse challenge, and I must say it was a epic experience. I feel that the loot is given a little hard and fast (I noticed a couple of things that always spawned in the same place that seemed a little excessive, although I did make the Timberwolf assent in jeans), but other then that it was a really great ride.

Having done that, I really would like a more 'mountainous' mountain to climb - this being one of the first times I've played the mountain map, and the first time I had climbed it, I was a little underwhelmed with how much of the 'climbing' involved walking across relatively flat fields. While I completely understand that mountain climbing isn't a key area the game is focusing on, but all the systems are there to make some really interesting game play. The entire trip I was umm’in and ahh’in about what I was going to need on my ‘accent’, if this would come in hand or that. In the end I dropped most of what I brought simply because I didn’t need it.

I'm thinking that another mountain, with altitudes that require special equipment to survive, which can only be found at altitudes that already require the current best gear to survive (similar to the Timberwolfs height) - I'm envisioning an O2 tank - bringing another 'resource' (with thirst, hunger, temp and fatigue) you would have to monitor when you were really pushing things to the limit.. Add in a climbing pick, and the ability to climb at certain points, with a little bit of interactivity in the climb (choose where to swing the pick, some kind of good spot/bad spot system that you can detect in light but not in the dark) - although really I just want the 'scale' of the climb, I dont care if it uses current mechanics. I feel the walking parts should 'feel' a lot more uphill as well, as well as feeling generally more precarious.

I'm envisioning a climb that you would actually require more supplies to get to the top then you would be able to carry in one trip, even if you knew the way. You would have to watch the weather and wait for a nice day and even then getting from the foot to the halfway point before nightfall should be a struggle, which would be something as luxurious as a small lean-too on a windswept shelf, where it was 'only' -35 when you were out of the wind, and fire 'might' bring you to freezing point. If you didn't plan to be there, you wouldn't make the night. Everything from here up would be a baron, windswept wasteland, capable of killing even the most prepared survivor in minutes. It is toward to top of this danger zone that you would find the equipment (once you brought it down and repaired it and went back up again) that would allow you to pass through the area above that, and on to the summit (and whatever awesome thing that might hold, even if it is just the single most awesome screenshot ever - sun on top of the clouds and stuff)

Anyway a guy can dream.

Pics for illustration.


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I honestly like the idea and the idea of new maps in general, but unless we're talking 6 months or more from now we probably wont be seeing any suggested maps made. Although its always good to suggest them! Ideas are never a waste of energy to build upon.

Good idea: yes!!!

Will it happen?: most likely not within 6 months. 

Whoknows maybe they already have one planned for story mode?




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