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While I was at the Quonset Garage on Coastal Highway during an Interloper run, I decided to craft some arrows and a bow.  When I went to the crafting tables and selected the crafting recipe for arrow shafts, the tool required to construct them was my improvised hatchet and not my improvised knife.  And when I changed recipes and selected the one for the bow, my improv-hatchet was the tool required to it's construction.  If my memory serves me correctly, crafting arrow shafts and bows use to be accomplished with a regular knife, so why would my improv-hatchet be selected by default over my improv-knife?

Also, when I looked-up the crafting recipe for the wolf fur jacket, the default tool that was required for it's construction was my improv-hatchet, which would have unneccesarily extended the crafting time to ~44 hours compared to the ~33 hours my improv-knife would have provided: almost a whole day's worth of wasted time!

Please adjust the default tool selection in the crafting menu to select the best tool for the job!  Thanks!!


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