Loot Reset, new Interloper


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The loot (world) is resetting after resuming a savegame.

I started a new interloper - entered the mine between PV and Winding River. (That is my last savepoint)

Inside the cave, i made a fire to harvest the deer carcass and went out to winding river to go to the dam. I collected cattails, and everything i could get. If you take the first path to the left uphill ´, you will find a corpse or a deer carcass. I found a corpse and at the dam, there was no metal box on top of the workbench (outside). Than i had to stop playing and closed the game (before entering the dam, without saving anywhere).

Later, i resumed my savegame, so i spawned inside the cave and had to harvest the carcass again. When i went outside to winding river to go to the dam again, the loot and enviroment has changed. The cattails i collected before were gone, instead of a corpse, i now found a deer carcass and now there was a metal box on top of the work bench. The things inside the cave were the same, but everything in winding river has been changed.

Again, i didn't save in winding river but still, the loot should be the same if it is created with a new run.

Or will the loot be generated when entering a new area instead when beginning of a new run? I see a huge danger of exploiting this!


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I tried to reproduce that in another location.

Stalker, CH, Jack Rabbit island

went inside (saving), went outside and to the fishing hut between jack rabbit and misanthrope, found a rifle and newsprint, closed the game, repeat = loot is the same (rifle + newsprint)

So it seems that it has something to do with not saving when going to a new area (leaving a cave will not make a savegame) - so winding river issue. MAybe the same will happen at crumbling highway.

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