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Steam pushed two updates to my TLD. The first update displayed 1.24 in the top left. Then the second one now displays 1.23 as you can see. Update was literally a minute later.

No further updates are being pushed from Steam.

I have tried to verify the local cache and restarted Steam and the game. The only thing I haven't done is delete the game and re-install.

Apologies for the image, it is very large, if you click on it it should resize smaller and zoomed out. Scrolling left to right will show the 1.23 and right will show the time of update on Sept 25.

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Stated in my original post that I'd restarted Steam. While I was playing Arma 3 Steam pushed another update out to me and this update dropped my TLD down to 1.22.


So, yea, I just did an uninstall and reinstall, which isn't a big deal for me, brand new player here as I just heard about the game last night. The download size takes less than two minutes on my connection so it's not a big deal at all.

Will update in a minute.

Update: 1.22 installed on a Delete and Reinstall, Sept 22: 3:53 CST.

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