Do loot respawn at all?


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On 18.9.2016 at 1:48 PM, thekillergreece said:

Let's say, Day 5, I looted a cabin, after 30+ days, will the loot in the said cabin be respawned or not? This really needs an answer. If no, how do I find new wood, food, etc if I cant scavenge other regions?

Except wood, and animal life nothing re-spawns. However with the new update some objects might appear on the beaches but I have not seen that. I suppose it takes a while.

However you can not rely on that just  explore, and loot new buildings. The world is big enough to support you if you know where to look.  There are few locations that are loaded with objects that you can brake down for wood and cloth. (Pleasant Valley farmstead)

As for food you can fish or make rabbit snares you just need to survive for 5 days to cure 1 gut then you can reuse the snare until it brakes. Hunting deer is also a good option if you have a knife or a hatched at least. Just chase the deer in to a wolf and fight the wolf or if you can outrun it (you have to get close though) so later you could come back and harvest the meat, guts and skin.  

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