Waterskins/containers, Travois & Offal


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New to the forum, don't want to repeat wishlist too much of what's already been said, but here goes compiling my top list off the top of my head:

OFFAL (aka: liver, lungs, heart, brain, bones, fat, eyes, etc; because cooking diff recipes is really fun)
- fish guts (they're mostly too small to make a big deal of individual parts, if we get animal gut, we should totally get fish guts; uses could include fish/carnivore bait, food for dog companion if that is ever a thing, fertilizer since the roadmap says planting might be a thing later, etc)
- fish bones (decorative stuff? Like with the safehouse custom thing, nothing too crazy, but just another little aspect of personalization you know?)
- fish heads (look, I'm not personally a lover of fish head stew[my Mom&Grandma LOVE the stuff] but if I was starving, I'd totally eat it, the fillet is not the only edible thing on a fish, though I'll admit the eyes aren't that bad)

Deer/Wolves/Bears/Rabbits/Other Etc Animals::
- bones & bone marrow (it's already been said, bone tools, soup stock, treats for hypothetical dogs, etc)
- fat (deep fried bear steak anybody? Deep fried rabbit? Candles, soap)
- heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas[sweetbreads], brain, blah (food... crafting stuff, I think you can make waterskins out of animal bladders)

Dog Sled/Travois: Because back&forth traveling to move stuff is paaaaaaain

Liquid Containers - so when we "drop/place" water/liquid thing, we shouldn't have 'magical water bottles' we have actual water bottles & etcetera, but should totally:
- use a bear bladder to craft a waterskin, or deer/wolf bladder if we want a smaller one, more reasons to hunt, plus we can fill it with other things, imagine making a liter of herbal tea

-maybe this thing can be a rare-ish find: 5-gallon-water-carrier-300x288.jpg

But if we really wanna go full mountain man/woman, a waterskin option would be awesome, so when we drop water we don't have a million magic bottles sitting everywhere(less organization arg).

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Hey there. Welcome to the forums! :)

The "use more parts of animals to eat" part is cool. I'm all in on that. +1

The dog sled and other movable items that have several parts (sled+dogs, sled/branch/body pulled by the player) have been brought up a lot, but I really doubt that the engine would be ready or out right capable of doing something like that. :/

Liquid and solid containers are also constantly brought up(by me as well), but the current condition system just can't work with them so they'd have to throw that out first and make a new more flexible system.

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2 negative points against water skins.

There would ton of various, mostly plastic, containers all around game area. Water skins wont do 2 well in tLD conditions. Player simply lacks skill to make them hardy enough.

Usage of various animal parts would be nice, especially in cooking, as long as its accompanied by appropriate dangers. Crafting could be expanded by a mile if player would be able to use whole animal.

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