I'm ready to meet my death.


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Hi all,

My name is Sioux, I live in the Netherlands.

Just want to say hi to everybody and to the hinterland-devs specially. Your game is awesome, a lot of hard work and love have been put into your game; it's obvious to me. It feels and plays like a quality game IMO; you've done a lot of research and you've put a lot of effort into it. So far it all turned out great, I like your game very much.

The artstyle is beautifull IMO; the sky, the backgrounds, the weather, the locations, everything matches really well together. When I'm outdoors and in the middle of a blizzard it really feels like I'm outdoors in a blizzard. So, great job, well done!

I've been watching a lot of let's plays on youtube before release, and on releaseday I bought it immediately. I was counting down the hours until release, so I could finally play your game. I'll be posting in this forum, still have some questions and some ideas. I'm looking foreward to every new release you'll make. Thanks again, now I'm going to play again and probably die again in a snowstorm, lol!


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