How starvation should work.


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First off, I believe calorie store is spot on, it doesnt need raised and its burned off at a reasonable pace.

Earlier discussions on this topic has brought me to refine what i believe may be a fix for those who abuse the current mechanics without it being too punishing for those who are actually starving.

For this to work, however, your calorie store must be able to go in the negatives.



Starvation should be an affliction

Starving:(catabolysis.) Your body is breaking down nutrients from fat and muscle.

Cure: bring calorie store back to 0


       1 percent condition loss per hour. 

        Unable to gain condition from sleep.

        -2 percent max stamina and fatigue.         per hour

(These are shown by a greyed our section of the bar.)

Upon curing, it takes just as long to bring the max stanina and fatigue back, but your condition can be raised again.

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