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1. Why doesn't exist a mechanical system for drop the backpack on the ground ?

I thought that while I was climbing down into the ravine. I wanted to drop all my items at the top the be more lightweight for the ascent back. But no key for "drop the bag". 


2. I'm wondering why the long dark is actually super realistic for certain things, and not realistic at all with few others, like :

A. "containers system for liquids" (as i said in another topic). It could be a huge difficulty for the game, yes. But like in reality no ?

B. impossible to "sleep on the ground". WHAT ?

C. impossible to "harvest wood (timber ?) from beds", cabinet or wood décor like they exist in th kitchen of camp office of Mystery Lake. However we can from  shlef or chairs, that's not the question of the quantity so, but from the realistic side : "from where i can find wood ? This house have two beds ? Oh, ok, i will dismantle one."



PS : appologize for my english.

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Hi @Vinceofpyrenees !!! :D 

All of the things you said has been discussed but I am agree with most of the thing you said !!! 

backpack dropping is a good idea !! specially on the next update !! (npc and ...)

Sleeping on the ground ?? well i like this but it should have some side effect !!! (for example back pain so you can't carry more than 25 kg )

harvest wood from beds ??? I guess we have a lots of wood sources !!! but maybe this would be good !!!

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Hi !

Sorry for the duplicate but i would concentrate all this missing mechanics that I thought under the same topic.

SLEEPING ON THE GROUND : agree with you for side effects. Good idea for back pain and weight limit. I also add speed running limit (or impossiblitily to run ?). Maybe back pain >> more fatigue. Or a bad recovery of condition.

HARVEST WOOD : " I guess we have a lots of wood sources !!!", you said. I know we have a lot. But It's kind a choice of realistic or not. In my opinion, whatever if we already have a lot. The question is about the origin of wood. (imagine : it's better to harvest from bed than from the forest if you are in a 2 days storm). I don't inderstand this choice : why chairs have been choosen like source of firewood and not cabinet for example. So that don't have too much wood you'll say, so that the game would not be too easy. But the difficulty ogf the game wouldn't take sense from that kind of choice. It's arbitrary. The survival, based on the realistic difficulties, have already so much of them, so it's not a requirement to arbitrary deprive us of a firewood source.

And the mechanic exists for some furnitures so it's wound't be difficult to implement for others. 

BACKPACK DROPING :  "specially on the next update !! (npc and ...) ". I don't think it will be implemented.


Now, DEVS focus on textures improvements, story mod, they focus on the way of feats, skills, badges (and all these kinds of things that make a game "Attractive for palyers to sell games"). I think, and i wish I'm wrong, but DEVS have already "their game mechanic" has foundation, and now they want to sell the game. And new mechanics will not appear. God make that I'm wrong. (but i still think DEVS have make a huge work with great ideas and they have listen a lot the communities).


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I totally agree, in the water issue (men I can't believe how resistant are the mugs) and the dropping backpack issue, also half agree with sleeping on the ground, because even though it's possible, sleeping around snow or on frozen ground may drive to hypothermia very fast.


adding to this post, it would be nice to have more uses to the fir wood and a shovel

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