More Floating Scenery


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Summary: More floating scenery found

Version: v0.349

Platform: Windows 7 64bit

Location: Whiteout Challenge - Various maps and locations

Reproduction Rate: Once as I was progressing through the challenge

Description: Various pieces of scenery found floating above the terrain. Sorry that two of the images are so dark.

screen_(773, 404, 1653)_7b56eeac-c994-48d0-9c4e-f03841503dae.png

screen_(984, 215, 826)_e58a2233-4dad-443a-bdb3-4a3e7a5a36cf.png

screen_(980, 215, 808)_204f2b74-1ef3-450b-a06c-0639b6a25010.png

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