Slow Transient Object Drift


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Hey All,

Not sure if anyone else has seen/noted this already, but I noticed an odd behavior with specific transient objects such as Rabbit Carcasses.  If I set a snare near a tree and a rabbit gets caught, if I have noticed that if left alone, the body of the rabbit seems to drift slowly and will eventually (within a day or two) end up in the adjacent tree (or burned out campfires if they are near by).

The drift seems to be consistently from north to south.  Here is an example of a rabbit that drifted into a campfire remains.



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17 hours ago, Support said:

Moving to Tech - PC for now, so I can keep track of this -  Does this happen with other saves as well? Certainly a strange bug. 

This had also happened to me on my current save. I put a snare on a hill, and when I came back, the corpse of the rabbit was at the bottom of the hill.

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On August 2, 2016 at 7:59 PM, Patrick Carlson said:

Thanks for the post on this. What platform are you playing on @L²?

Hey Patrick,

Sorry for the slow response, I've been saving the universe...ran out of floppies though.

I am on the PC platform.  It is a constant reoccurrence, so easily reproducible.

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