Whiteout Challenge 1 to 3 Winter is Coming


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4 hours ago, miah999 said:

Will give 'em a look later. I just started this challenge myself. But I feel like I may have misspent the first couple days, by not traveling longer distances when the weather in guaranteed to be good.

Right, first weather days can help a lot. Good luck with your challenge!

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Very entertainting videos as usual! ^_^  Wasn't sure you were going to make it at the end with all those wolves, but good job @GELtaz! Finishing the Whiteout Challenge in just 3 days (and one hour ) is really fast!

I always learn a lot from watching your videos, like new routes to travell, I didn't know you could walk the ridge at the processing warehouse.

You mentioned you like feedback about your video's. Got only one little remark. In some of your videos you play your own background music, but when the music in the game is also playing, your character is talking, wind is blowing, animal and other sounds of the game are playing, I find it sometimes difficult to understand what you are saying with all those sounds playing simultaneously.

I'm going to try out the Whiteout Challenge now and am going to try to beat you with a couple of hours with all the tips you gave. But I'm afraid it's going to be the same as when I watched you're "Survival Bow Training" video.... You make it look SO easy, and when I try it, well.... let's say it's just different! :D

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Glad you enjoyed @Baukster77 Thanks a great deal for your feedback, I do appreciate it! 

I do videos with what I have which is far from being high quality stuff. I'm far from being a Pro but I do love entertaining, editing, just making videos when I have the time. 

Your right though, I often make the mistake of making the background music a bit too much the hero of the scene. But hey, sometimes I even had trouble pronouncing words and don't even edit it out lol. But that's my amateur side I guess :P, shows that if I can do it, anybody can :)

Do you remember at which point of the video it was particularly difficult to understand? Would really want to check that out!

Thank you for commenting and for watching, much appreciated Baukster77


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