Need some help verifying this curing bug


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Okay, so I've started a couple of new sandboxes recently and noticed something odd.

The zone for the start of this test doesn't matter.

1. Kill animal x and skin it.

2. place hide on floor in building to begin curing it.

3. run around or pass time for a day or so to verify the curing time is progressing properly for the particular skin.

4. leave the zone for a couple of days.

5. Return and check the cure progression of the hide.


I've been finding lately that if I leave a zone, the cure progression seem to drop approx 50% in the "inactive" zones.

I moved from Pleasant Valley to Desolation, killed and skinned a couple of things along the way, one of them bear just before I left PV.  I was gone for 10 days total, but when I arrived back in PV, the bear hide was only at about 5-6 days worth of curing.  A wolf hide I nailed in Crumbling Highway and picked back up on the way back had the same issue, about 8 days since I'd dropped it inside the cellar so with a 7 day cure time it should have been cured but it only had about 4 days worth of cure time done.


Needless to say if this is happening it definitely needs a fix.  I'm willing to bet the progression timer on hides/birch/maple/gut is linked to the decay timer of activated goods in cabinets and when you leave the zone that decay timer slows down which in turn slows down the progression on the hides/birch/maple/gut.  If that is the case probably the simplest method to fix it would be to create a global variable for these it "T" for tanning or "P" for processing and have that global progression timer override inactive zone timer effects.


But first I need to see if someone else can verify this is happening.  So far I've seen it both in stalker and voyageur modes.  haven't tried in pilgrim mode.

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