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13 hours ago, hauteecolerider said:

For comparison, @bekkar, what time zone is the left clock set at?

For me, Vancouver is about two hours behind.

hm. this is weird. while it's 8.00 pm in germany it should be 11.00 am in vancouver. well at least my research came to this info.

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Okay, you're in Germany. Got it. I'm in the American Midwest, so I'm two time zones ahead of Vancouver. 

Berlin, on the other hand (I just picked the best known city in your country - you could be in Bremen, Hannover, Munich or someplace else for all I know) is seven hours ahead of me. So Vancouver should be nine hours behind Berlin. So at 8 pm in Berlin, Vancouver would be 11 am the same day, yes. On the 24 hour clock, that would be 2000 hours in Berlin, 1100 hours in Vancouver.

I just verified this with the World Clock on my iPhone. So you have it correct.

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