[v.349] Translucent rocks and no cave Timberwolf Mountain.


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Climbed the rope which is right across the lake on opposite site of Mountaineers Hut in Timberlake Mountain. Went left and passed the cargo holders, but no cave and corpse there... Just some weird translucent rocks.

And another translucent rock in that area.



screen_(891, 230, 718)_af61c1ac-e571-46e9-a2ff-44f442d0220c.png

screen_(870, 226, 695)_d0ec000d-23d5-4cb8-97a6-ecd94bcd67f5.png

screen_(825, 290, 969)_19188708-0ad1-44d0-92f2-1f1a2e30bd25.png

screen_(986, 216, 817)_561eb36c-3400-4ef8-87db-b4e7ff6dc06c.png

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