Simple X/Y changes and easy voice acting suggestions.


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I absolutely love the logic you've put into this game and really just the major gameplay overall. I have to put it out there that what I did notice in gameplay was little things like how high the lantern is, when if would be much better if it was just barely visible on the bottom screen, as to make it seem like it's in your hand rather than dangling from your visor ^w^. Another pretains to how scary the game is. God I love the change of pace and natural fears you can get from entering dark places like the cabins. The issue I had found was the grunts and groans of the very well voice acted protagonist were easily mistaken for another's growls. Why I'm making a big point of this is simply because being afraid of your own voice isn't a very natural fear, which the game does well in other respects. The easiest fix would simply be to rework some of the painful grunts into more prominently protagonist based urks, like the rest of his voice acting. Who knows, when someone does hear another's moans of pain, they want to know if it's the self or another survivor... :3

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