Will animals be treated more realistically or just as enemies?


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In both games and movies animals, especially wolves, are generally treated as some human hating man eating animals that do nothing but hunt humans in the wild, when this is usually quite far from the truth.

Most animals (even wolves) do not hunt people except under extreme circumstances (rapid, starving, sick/weak human). Generally they might be curious at best and afraid of most humans.

I'm not saying animals shouldn't be dangerous, they very well should be. Coming across things like Cougar's (if they are in) or Bears, etc could be a disaster.

Just in general it'd be nice if the animals in games aren't treated as one-dimensional "enemies" that see you and attack but have a multitude of a different ai's.

Some wolves might for instance be in a pack, then there can be the "lone" wolves that don't have a pack, then you might have a wolf that has rabies, all of which have could have different behavior ai's.

If you were to by chance come across a bear, and you kill it, only to suddenly hear the whimper of a cub nearby, you might be able to take that cub and raise it yourself (IE Grizzly Adams style).

Wolves to a lesser degree, you might be able to find a cub or such and raise one to be somewhat friendly toward you.

To me this would make surviving a lot more memorable, coming across different animal behaviors and not just the same ole "animals attack you on sight" like in most games.

Maybe certain animals are attracted to your food (if you lave it out), you might attract a bear or such to your campsite/home , which could lead to quite the problem.

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I agree that not all animal encounters in the game should result in being attacked. I have ran up on a black bear (about twenty feet away) and it didn't seem to really care about me at all. I've also come across coyotes during walks with similar results.

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I would imagine that prolonged isolation would encourage some sort of companionship; even if its just seeing a certain fox or coyote everyday at a distant. Its a mental and emotional boost.

I personally think that falconry is a fascinating hobby.

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